Friday, February 3

Hi class. Unfortunately my cough has gotten the better of me and I won’t be in today. Please be nice to your TOC! If you have any questions, I will be back on Monday. If we have any new students, please help them get set up on the Moodle. Have a great weekend!

– Mr. P

Block A – Business Computers

  • Keyboarding (first 15 mins of every class)
  • Chapter 3: Formatting Documents
  • Pages 71-97 Read BLUE, Do GREEN
  • Once you are done that, complete projects 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 on pg. 101 (you might not get this far)

Block B – PREP

Block C – Animation

  • Cel Animation with Flash
  • Continue working on “Alien Planet” activity
  • Use Adobe Flash to create an alien planet in the style of cel animation, making use of foreground and background in different layers.
  • I’ve posted a few tutorial links on the moodle if you need a refresher for motion “tweens”
  • I understand that this is brand new to many of you. I will be back on Monday to go over it again and can give you extra time to complete this if necessary

Block D – ICT

  • Complete Web 2.0 presentation (questions on the Moodle) due on Monday!
  • Blogging last 10 minutes (don’t forget)