Monday, September 11

As I may have mentioned in class, I’m awaiting the birth of my 3rd child and may have to leave at any given moment. If there is another teacher stepping in for me, please direct them towards this daybook.

Block B – ICT 11/12

  • Work on Technology Research Project. Please refer to the Pecha Kucha 10×20 Template and the Pecha Kucha Speaking Notes Template
  • You will have Monday and Tuesday to work on this, please use your time wisely. You are expected to be ready to present on Wednesday.

Block C – Animation

  • Complete Drawing in Time (Response)
  • Begin Flipbook Assignment – you have 50 frames to work with. You may decide to sketch out something fairly simple and add more detail once you are finished.
  • Note to potential Teacher On Call: the blank flipbooks are on my desk in the back room. Ask Mr. Stephenson.

Block D – Video & Film

  • Complete Script Writing Activity 1 and Script Writing Activity 2.
  • Rule of Thirds Activity