Tuesday, December 11

Block A – Video & Film

  • Music Video Post-Production
  • Videos due Friday, December 14

Block B – Computers 8

  • Web Design Project Overview
  • Mr. Powell will demo how to link webpages and images within your website’s root folder
  • Begin working on the first webpage of your website

Block C – Video & Film

  • We are in Room N102 today
  • You will have an extension to December 21 in lieu of us being out of the classroom this week on December 11, 12 and 13 (we will be in N102)

Block D – ICT 11/12

  • Final game due at the start of class today, December 11th
  • Game Showcase / Peer Feedback
  • Next: We’ll watch a documentary on independent game developers and then we’ll tackle some programming