Tuesday, September 19

Hi class, I am ill and will not be here today. I plan to return tomorrow. This may alter a few of my planned activities so thanks in advance for your patience.

Block B – ICT 11/12

  • Technology Presentations will conclude tomorrow
  • Complete the “Colour Palettes” Activity under Digital Media Development.
  • Those that are complete can go onto the Design Problem – 1. Scale

Block C – Animation

  • Complete Cel Animation
  • Students who have completed their Cel Animation can move on to the Stop Motion Part 1 – Learning the Ropes. Students are asked to find  3 examples of stop motion on the Internet. Be prepared to share one with the class tomorrow. Next, you will draw a stop motion / time lapse picture. On a sheet of blank (or lined paper), write your name or draw a picture but only one small piece at a time. After each pencil stroke, take a picture with your phone camera, so that you end up with a whole bunch of photos of your picture being drawn. Mr. Powell will show how to assemble your pictures in Adobe Premiere (editing software) tomorrow but feel free to give it a shot if you are ready!

Block D – Video & Film

  • PSA video project – students formed groups and picked topics yesterday. Today, we are meeting in groups and doing further brainstorming, planning, writing script, deciding on actors, props etc. Groups with a completed script can start filming on Wednesday. Please refer to the assignment page for full details (production schedule is currently not correct so ignore that).