Wednesday, April 11

Hi everyone! Unfortunately my sore throat turned into a REALLY sore throat and cough this evening so I will be taking today off to recover. I hope you have a good day. I plan to be back on Thursday.

Block A – Business Computers

  • 10 mins of keyboarding practice
  • Work on Prezi assignment 3 – technology compare and contrast
  • choose two competing technologies to make a presentation on (ex. iPhone and Blackberry, Xbox and PS3, Mac and PC, mouse and trackball)

Block B – PREP

Block C – Animation

  • Last day (I mean it!) for “A Day in the Life” assignment
  • Those that are done, work on the Butterfly Animation tutorial for Adobe After Effects (you may have to log in as library to get the program to work. Some students had this problem yesterday)

Block D – ICT

  • Work on Game Design Document (GDD) on Google Documents
  • Game Designer – Work on the GDD in detail (perhaps the story, characters, monsters etc.)
  • Artist – Discuss with the Game Designer what the characters/world will look like. Begin creating assets for the game.
  • Programmer – Discuss with the Game Designer what style of game it will be (side-view, maze game, scrolling shooter, etc.) and begin doing research on how to make that style of game. Use tutorials.