Wednesday, February 21

Block B – Computers 9/10

  • Attendance
  • Continue working on 5 design applications. Video example here
  • Be ready to present the project on Friday

Block C – ICT 11/12

  • Attendance
  • Read and complete 7. Javascript Statements, Variables, Functions and Assignment 

Block D – Video & Film

  • Attendance
  • PSA Post-Production – editing your PSA’s and have them ready to present tomorrow!
  • Download sound effects or music from or elsewhere (your PSA doesn’t need music or sound but some might wish to add it).
  • Those that are done or who are not directly involved in editing, please complete Film Industry Research Assignment (By Invitation Only) found in the “General” section of the course website. This is a short research assignment that will familiarize yourself with a career in the film industry.