Week of Monday, May 15

6 weeks of classes remain…

A: ICT 11/12

Monday: Many still not done Chapter 9. Those that are done move onto Ch 10, or Ch 11 and beyond

Tuesday*: Silent Reading // Grade 12 assembly – Grade 11’s catch-up/study block

Wednesday: Chapter 10 intro + Chapter 10 short answer

Thursday: Chapter 10 short answer

Friday: Chapter 10 lab

*Silent reading every Tuesday and BADC Friday

C: Video & Film 10-12

Monday: Catch-up day // Short Film Script / Screenplays

Tuesday: Short Film Script / Screenplays

Wednesday: Short Film Script / Screenplays

Thursday*: Shooting Dialogue – filming opportunity

Friday: Editing Dialogue

*Silent reading every Thursday and DCBA Friday

D: Computers 9/10

Monday: Adobe Animate Tutorials – Catch-up

Tuesday: Adobe Animate Project Intro

Wednesday*: Silent Reading // Adobe Animate Project work period

Thursday: Adobe Animate Project work period

Friday: Adobe Animate Project work period

*Silent reading every Wednesday and CDAB Friday