Week of Monday, February 28

B: ICT 11/12

Monday: JavaScript Practice 3

Tuesday: Presentation // Javascript Catch-up/Completion

Wednesday: Wireframes

Thursday: Presentation // Web Design Project Intro

Friday: Web Design Project work period

D: Video and Film

Monday: Green Screen Video Production

Tuesday: Green Screen Video Production/Post

Wednesday: Green Screen Video Post

Thursday: Green Screen Video Post

Friday: Screening Day

Week of Monday, February 14

PLC Wednesday this week

B: ICT 11/12

Monday: Silent Reading // HTML and CSS recap // Catch-up Block

Tuesday: HTML and CSS catch-up

Wednesday: HTML/CSS quiz

Thursday: Technology Presentation // CSS Colour Palettes

Friday: Technology Presentation // CSS Colour Palettes

D: Video and Film

Monday: 30 second film Post-Production

Tuesday: 30 second film Post-Production // 30 second film screening

Wednesday: Intro to Visual Effects

Thursday: Green Screen Video intro and Pre-Production

Friday: Green Screen Video Pre-Production / Production

Week of Monday, February 7

Early Friday this week.

B: ICT 11/12

Monday: HTML Practice 1 recap // HTML Practice 2

Tuesday:  Presentation #1 // HTML Practice 3

Wednesday: CSS Intro // CSS Practice 1

Thursday: Presentation #2 // CSS Practice 2

Friday: CSS Practice 3

D: Video and Film

Monday: Watch 20 second films // Complete Storyboard 1 + 2 // Stephen Spielberg Shots

Tuesday: 30 second film Intro + Pre-Production

Wednesday: 30 second film Production

Thursday: 30 second film Production // Post-Production

Friday: Complete Post-Production