April 10, 2013


D block:  Explain Everything/Show Me
C block: iMovie
B block: Fun with Math and Reading apps
A block:  Ti Nspire /Explain Everything

Screen Casting

Screen casting is the digital recording of your computer (or iPad) screen, often accompanied by narration. This allows teachers to record lessons for students to review or for students to create their own lessons. There are many apps on the market that allow you to screen cast, however the two we will look at today are ShowMe and Explain Everything.


Screencasting Benefits:


  • Students can learn by example even at home
  • Students can work at their own pace with the ability to pause the recording at any time
ShowMe (free app) is like using a white board to explain a concept. You can write on it, erase it and record audio along with it. You can also insert pictures and diagrams and draw over top of them. Show Me only allows you to export your video to their website, however the accounts are free and there is no limit to the number of ShowMes you can create.


Explain Everything is more full featured (for $2.99) and it allows you to create multiple slides, similar to PowerPoint, to help arrange your presentation. Along with photos you can import videos and even a fully interactive web browser. Explain Everything also allows you to export to a variety of formats or directly to YouTube.
Some classroom ideas:
  • Flipped classroom (provide the lecture as a screen cast for students to review at home while doing homework in class).
  • Reference video for students to review while doing homework
  • Have students explain an important concept and present it to the large group using ShowMe or Explain Everything
  • Test Review
  • Interactive activities for your class (they can download and annotate images and worksheets right on the iPad)
  • Use it as an “interactive white board” with the use of an Apple TV
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