Friday, March 9

Block C – ICT 11/12

  • Attendance
  • Work on 20% Time Projects
  • In the last 5-10 minutes of class please make a post reply to your “20% Time Progress” thread on the class discussion forum.
  • Grade 11’s will be called down for course selection during this block

Block D – Video & Film

  • Attendance
  • Final Day for Experimental Film Post-Production (editing) – videos will be screened on Monday.
  • Those that are done or who are not directly involved in editing, please complete Film Industry Research Assignment found in the “General” section of the course website. This is a short research assignment that will familiarize you with a career in the film industry.

Block B – Computers 9/10

  • Attendance
  • Continue work on Digital Story Projects (9 scenes)
  • There may be an opportunity for more time on Monday if there are many still not done
  • If you are done,  try to make a game using Scratch (check out some YouTube tutorials on how to make some pretty crazy games) or add on to your story
  • We will postpone the Guild Battle to Monday