Monday, October 2

Mr. Powell is away a today at a district meeting.

Block B – ICT 11/12

  • Complete the “Design Problems” (Scale, Framing, Hierarchy etc.)
  • We will begin a Design Project tomorrow
  • If anyone is done, feel free to work on 20% time stuff. No one should be playing games.

Block C – Animation

  • Watch the “Bone Demo” video linked on my website
  • Create your own simple character animation using the bone tool (it can be a basic robot made of rectangles like mine)
  • We will begin the Walking Assignment tomorrow (feel free to take a sneak peek if you’ve figured out the bone tool)

Block D – Video & Film

  • Read through “Experimental Film Introduction and Analysis” and watch the videos linked in the text. If you encounter any broken links, try searching the film title on YouTube. Meshes of the Afternoon should be watched as a class.
  • Answer the 6 questions on the assignment page in full sentences.