Thursday, September 20

Block A – Video & Film

  • PSA Pre-Production
  • Those that are done the script/storyboard can have Mr. Powell approve them and begin Production today

Block B – Computers 8

  • You should be sitting in your Guilds, not beside the person whose logo you are designing
  • Continue working on sketches / drafts
  • There will be a client meeting on Friday so be ready to show off your design ideas

Block C – Video & Film

  • PSA Production
  • Groups may film if script and storyboard are done and approved by Mr. Powell

Block D – ICT 11/12

  • Continue with  the “Elements of Design” and “Principles of Design”.
  • Principles of Design PowerPoint presentation by Mr. Powell
  • Work on “Cheat Sheet”
  • Blogging last 10 minutes