Tuesday, October 4

Block A – Video and Film

  • Movie Trailer Production

Block B – Computers 8

  • Solo Quest – Protecting Your Privacy

Block C – Video and Film

  • Movie Trailer Production

Block D – HACE 9 BLUE

  • Computer time in the Library
  • Go to http://www.jobsetc.gc.ca and click on Career Exploration, then Identify Your Career Options to take a career quiz. There are 4 to choose from. You only need to do one but you may do the others as time allows.
  • After taking an online career survey, list 5 possible careers in your notebook that interest you and why. The suggested careers will be listed down the right hand column after you complete the quiz. If you choose to list careers that are not suggested, please provide a rationale for why you chose it.
  • This will lead into a small project on careers so be sure to keep good notes!

National Occupational Catalog

Working in Canada

BC Work Futures