Tuesday, September 18

Block A – Video & Film

  • Review PSA video project guidelines (posted on Moodle)
  • Form groups of 3-4 and brainstorm project ideas in your group
  • Submit a project proposal including your group members’ names and an overview of your concept/idea through the Moodle (submit on assignment page). Please also note if you will be using your own camera or if you require a school camera.

Block B – Computers 8

  • We had a great guest speaker yesterday talking about Social Responsibility. As a follow-up exercise you will be doing a solo quest on “Protecting Your Privacy”

Block C – Video & Film

  • PSA Pre-Production
  • In your project groups, work on the script and storyboard
  • Those groups that have everything planned out will be able to start filming on Wednesday subject to approval.

Block D – ICT 11/12

  • Complete Graphic Design Introduction activity (on Moodle)
  • View both the “Elements of Design” and “Principles of Design” PowerPoints and work on the accompanying activity on the Moodle