Week of Monday, June 5

3 weeks of classes remain…

A: ICT 11/12

Monday: Final Project introduction

Tuesday*: Silent Reading // Python Project work period

Wednesday: Python Project work period

Thursday: Python Project work period

Friday*: Python Project ALPHA TEST DUE

*Silent reading every Tuesday and BADC Friday

C: Video & Film 10-12

Monday: Print final scripts and shot lists // Meet with drama class to finalize groups and discuss any final plans before filming starts on Tuesday // Script run-through and rehearsal.

Tuesday: Production (filming)

Wednesday: Production (filming)

Thursday*: We will skip silent reading this week… Production (filming)

Friday: Production (filming) – FINAL DAY

Next week preview: Post-Production week! Films need to be completely edited by the end of next week.

*Silent reading every Thursday and DCBA Friday

D: Computers 9/10

Monday: Adobe Animate Project Catch-up

Tuesday: Adobe Animate Project Catch-up

Wednesday*: Silent Reading // Adobe Animate Project Work Presentations

Thursday: Adobe Premiere Intro + Tutorials

Friday: Adobe Premiere Tutorials

Next week preview: Adobe Premiere Editing

*Silent reading every Wednesday and CDAB Friday