Week of Monday, November 1

This week is a little bit different because of the provincial assessments that require our computer lab. For Tuesday and Wednesday we will be in a different location.

B: ICT 11/12

Monday: Minecraft Python Unit Test // Inventing with Python Ch. 1 and 2

Tuesday: BB AA Literacy Assessment for Gr. 11 // Gr. 12 to Room N100

Wednesday: DD CC

Thursday: Technology Presentation // SFU virtual guest & online workshop

Friday: Inventing with Python Ch. 3


C: Video and Film

Monday: Documentary Production

Tuesday: BB AA

Wednesday: DD CC Feature Film (Portable 1)

Thursday: Documentary Production

Friday: Documentary Post

D: Computers 8

Monday D2: Minecraft Building with the Agent

Tuesday D1: BB AA

Wednesday D2: DD CC Silent Reading* // Room N212 watch movie

Thursday D1: Catch-up / Completion Day for Scratch and Minecraft

Friday Day D2: Catch-up / Completion Day for Scratch and Minecraft

*Please be prepared with reading material if you see me in 2nd block.