Week of Monday, October 11

B: ICT 11/12

Monday: Thanksgiving (No School)

Tuesday: Technology Presentation // Minecraft Python Lesson 1

Wednesday: Minecraft Python Lesson 2

Thursday: Technology Presentation // Minecraft Python Lesson 3

Friday: Minecraft Python Lesson 4

C: Video and Film

Monday: Thanksgiving (No School)

Tuesday: PSA Pre-Production

Wednesday: PSA Production

Thursday: PSA Post-Production

Friday: Screening Day

D: Computers 8

Monday: Thanksgiving (No School)

Tuesday D1: 5-min Keyboarding // Minecraft Intro

Wednesday D2: Silent Reading* // Complete Scratch Culminating Activity

Thursday D1: 5-min Keyboarding // Coding with Minecraft

Friday Day D2: 5-min Keyboarding // Minecraft Intro // Terry Fox Run

*Please be prepared with reading material if you see me in 2nd block.