Week of Monday, September 11

A: Video & Film 10-12

Monday: 20 second film editing

Tuesday*: Fire Drill // Silent Reading // Complete 20 second film editing

Wednesday: Storyboard Activities

Thursday: 30 second theme film pre-production

Friday: 30s film Production

*Silent reading every Tuesday and BADC Friday

B: Media Design 11/12

Monday*: Silent Reading // Wrap-up presentations powerpoints

Tuesday: Adobe Photoshop Intro nameplate activity

Wednesday: Photoshop Tutorial 1

Thursday: Photoshop Tutorial 2

Friday: Complete any unfinished work from this week

*Silent reading every Monday and ABCD Friday

C: Programming 11/12

Monday: Wrap-up presentation powerpoints

Tuesday: HTML intro and tutorial 1

Wednesday:  HTML tutorial 2

Thursday*: Silent Reading // HTML tutorial 3

Friday: HTML tutorial 4

*Silent reading every Thursday and DCBA Friday