Thursday, May 3

Block B – Computers 9/10

  • Attendance
  • Students are currently working on a video game design project. We just completed the “Beta Test” phase of the design cycle and students are working towards the final version of their game
  • Students have today to complete their game projects
  • Games should be ready to present on Monday, May 7th
  • If anyone thinks they are done before the end of the week, I have created a list of extensions they can add to their project on the class website titled “Think you are done? Here are some things you can add…”

Block C – ICT 11/12

  • Attendance
  • Work on 20% Time Projects
  • Every Friday (Thursday in this case) students have time to work on their choice projects. In the last 5-10 minutes of class they need to make a post reply to their “20% Time Progress” thread on the class discussion forum.

Block D – Video & Film

  • Attendance
  • Finish “The King’s Speech”
  • Any remaining class time, students should answer the analysis questions