Week of Monday, March 27

A: ICT 11/12

Monday: Python Ch. 5 lab completion

Tuesday*: Python Ch. 6

Wednesday: Python Ch. 6

Thursday: Python Ch. 6 short answer review / Ch. 6 lab

Friday: Python Ch. 6 lab

*Silent reading every Tuesday and BADC Friday

Students who are ahead of schedule can always work ahead. Let me know and I will open the next chapter.

C: Video & Film 10-12

Monday: Documentary Techniques

Tuesday: B-Roll Practice

Wednesday: B-Roll Practice

Thursday*: Short Documentary Analysis

Friday: Short Documentary Analysis

*Silent reading every Thursday and DCBA Friday

D: Computers 9/10

Monday: Photoshop Project completion day

Tuesday: Photoshop Project completion day

Wednesday*: Introduction to MIT Scratch

Thursday: MIT Scratch Tutorials

Friday*: MIT Scratch Tutorials

*Silent reading every Wednesday and CDAB Friday